Santron PC based Uroflowmeter

Model: sanuro2u-L

Manufacture: Santron Meditronic

Country of Origin: India

Specifications & Features

Interfaced to any PC / laptop with Windows operating system.Connectivity : USB (sanuro2u-L )

Software Windows XP ser. Pack 3 / Win 7 / win 8

Printing on any PC compatible Printer Colour or B&W.

Volume : 0-1000 ml measurement Flow rate : 0-50 ml/sec

 Accuracy : +/- 2%

 Sensor : Gravimetric (weight) type

 Modes of measurement : Auto mode & Hesitancy Mode

 Successive test can be taken without the need to, empty the jar after every test.

 output report : Flow rate v/s time graph & Volume v/s Time graph

 Output parameters : Voided Volume , Average Flow rate , Max. Flow rate

Computed Max. Flow rate ,Voided Time , Flow time ,

Max. Flow Time , Delay Time ( Hesitancy time ), Computed Average Flow rate ,

Interval Time.

 Nomograms in output report : Average flow rate v/s Volume and Max. Flow rate V/s Volume

 All test along with patient information is stored on the Hardisk and can be recalled whenever necessary

 Color / B&w printouts on any PC compatible printer.

” Sensor not connected ” and ” Jar Full ” Display on the PC .

Fully Automatic with auto start & Stop .

Max. Measurement Duration : 180 seconds.

 Long sensor cable that helps, patient to void in privacy so as to avoid psychosomatic side effect which

might influence measurement results  On screen Comparison of 2-3 graphs of patient’s Uroflowmeter reports

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