200 mA X-ray Machine

200 mA X-ray Machine

Model: Vision 200 MTB

Manufacture: Vision Medicaid Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Origin: INDIA

200 mA X-ray Machine with Horizontal  Table and  Toshiba Tube.

X-ray 100mA

X-ray 100mA

Model: Vision 100

Manufacture: Vision Medicaid Equipment Pvt Ltd.

Country of Origin: India

Special Features

  • Micro processor based digital control panel.
  • Electronic feather touch membrane keyboard.(Guaranteed for 1 million operations)
  • Convenient auto programme helps  Doctor for better image quality.
  • Manual mode selection.
  • Independent kVps, mAs, display .

OT Light : Single Dome LED (1,20,000 Lux).

Model: NL-1

Manufacturer: Atlas Surgical

Country of Origin: New Delhi India


* Energy-Efficient

* User-Friendly

* Damage-Resistant


* Intensity: 120000 Lux

* Size of Light field: 12-30 cm

* Color Temperature: 4000-5000 K

* Color Reduction : 93 Ra

* Led Life:50000 Hrs

* Number of Leds: 76

* Diameter of Light: 500mm

*  Brightness Control: Capacitive Touch Control

* Power Supply: 220 v/50 Hz * Focusing: Adjustable


4D Color Doppler Machine

Model: Q30 main Unit
Manufacture: SG Healthcare  pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin:  South Korea  
Innovative RF platform 18.5 inch high resolution monitor. 10 inch touch screen . Built in DVDRW. Triplex 2D/Color/PW . SGC(scanning gain compensation)
500G Hard Disk USB Ports B/W video printer slot
2 easy access transducer ports

4D Color Doppler Machine

Model: Q40  main Unit
Manufacture: SG Healthcare  pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin:  South Korea    
Leading 3D/4D technology :
M cut, Magic cut, Free view, Auto NT,
Smart touch, panel 3D/4D operation .
Professional Cardiac Package :
MAM (Multi Angle M Mode)
TD (Tissue Doppler)
TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging)
TVM (Tissue Velocity Mode)
CM (Color M Mode)
Complete Cardiac Measurement package

Innovative RF Ultrasound platform
19 inch Led Screen
10 inch touch screen
USB Ports

Suction Machine


Country of Origin: KOREA.


1.460 mml 370mm 830mmw

       Standard Accessorize

  1. Foot Switch  1EA
  2. Earth Cord
  3. Power Switch


  1. Motor : Single Phrase ,200W, 50V
  2. Pump: Rotary Type
  3. Vacuum Pressure :Max.750mmHg
  4. Air Exhaust:25L/Min
  5. Suction Bottle:  800cc 1ea,300cc 1ea
  6. Caster: 4 Swivel  Caster
  7. Power: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
  8. Weight: 22Kg

OT Table: Electric OT Table

Model: 7501

Country of Origin: KOREA.


Table Size:1960mmL 480mmW  
Drive Type: Single drive  
Height Adjustable:750mmH/950mmH  
Motor Voltage: DC 24V  
Main Connection: AC 220V  

01 Lateral tilt Position: 26  Both Side
02 Kidney Position: 126
03 Back Section refraction: Up 56  Down 27
04 Head Section refraction: Up 26  Down 90
05 Leg Section refraction: Up 46  Down 90

Standard Accessory
Arm Rest: One Pair  
Mattress: One Set  
Drain Tray: One Pc  
Hand Switch: One Pc  

Diathermy : Electrosurgical Unit

Model: ENSURG 400 Pro

Manufacturer: Enertech Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Origin: India


  • Ensurg 400 Pro is a micro controller based model with all the required features. Full power output at low cost. This is the right model for the customers who required basic 400w micro controller based model.
Power Digital 400 Watt
Capability All Surgeries top Of the line model


  • Max Power: 400 Watt
  • Programs: 20
  • Display: 7 Segment LED Digital
  • Monopolar Cut modes: Pure cut, Blend 1, Blend 2, Endo Cut
  • Monopolar Coagulation Modes: Spray, Dessicate, Fulgurate
  • Bipolar modes: Micro. Macro, Cut
  • Tissue Response Circuit: Present
  • Patient plate monitoring system: Present

Dimension (W X H X D) & Weight: 300mm X 150mm X 340mm 5.5 kg

5 PARA Monitor (LED)

Model: Para 1005


  • Five waveforms on High-resolution Color TFT display.
  • Graphical & tabular trends.
  • In-built rechargeable battery.
  • Interface facility with central monitoring system.
  • Portable & easy to carry.
  • Available in 12.1″ Screen Size.