C-arm machine

Manufacturer Vision Medicaid Pvt Ltd.
Model Vision C-Arm
Origin India
Orbital Movement 90º +25º=115
Axial Rotation (C-Arm Rotation) 180 Each Side
Horizontal Movemen t Up/Down-450mm (45CM)
Vertical Travel (Forward, Revese , Movement) 200MM
Wig Wag  (Right to Lef t) +/- 12.5
X-Ray Generator/ Tube  
Max Power 3.5 KW
kV Range Upto 40-110 KV for Rotating
Radiography mA Upto 80 mA for Rotating
Fluoroscopy mA 0.5 to 4 mA for Rotating
Fluoro Time 0 to 5 min
Frequency Line Frequency models (Opt)
Focal Spot Size 0.3 mm/ 0.6 mm for Rotating
Anode Type Rotating Anode
Size 9” triple field, high gain, low dose image intensitifire tube (OPT.-6”single/Dual field)
CCD Camera Monitor High Sensitivity, Low noise CCD /Camera. & Two 17” LCD/LED Monitor.
    Image Capacity     Per OT: 25 frames image storage memory with full function remote control, Digital rotation throughout 360.
Display Size 17”
No of Monitor 2
Printer N/A
Online UPS n/a
Warranty 12Month Warranty and 12 Month free servicing 
Delivery Time Within 45 days
Full Body Lead Apron 10 pcs Free

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