Thousands of people all over the world come into contact with our products daily – as either patients or users.

As a life-supporting component, the AdAM anesthesia system is an integral part of the modern anesthesia environment. Since it is our market approach to meet our clients’ needs, we have designed this new most flexible solution that allows present and future upgradeability within the anesthesia workplace:


Not only in its outward appearance but also in its internal design, the AdAM represents the latest position in technology.

It is compatible with most existing patient monitors in the market. The AdAM’s flexibility allows you to design your own anesthesia workplace according your individual needs.

Through the monitoring of the inhaled gases in the semi-closed and nearly-closed system, the HEYER AdAM is optimal for using low‐flow technology, thus minimizing gas and anesthetic agent use.

The AdAM is exceptionally easy to operate and safe and reliable in daily use. It is outstandingly leak free and is thus a particularly economical solution.

The user-friendly Anesthesia Workstation
The new AdAM is easy to operate: a versatile applicable, ergonomic anesthesia working station optional with an integrated gas module for the administration and monitoring of inhalation anesthesia.

The use of low flow techniques for minimized gas and anesthetic agents consumption ensures an economic use.

Ergonomic design
Safe and simple to use
Versatile and reliable
Gas measurement with automatic agent ID and identification of mixtures
17″ high-contrast color touch-screen display
The compact Patient Module
The patient module is very compact designed into one anodized aluminum housing. To avoid condensation it’s warmed up to body temperature.

Additionally integrated:

Monitored room air valve
APL valve
Expiratory & inspiratory flow sensors
CO2 absorber
“Bag in Bottle” unit
Control membranes
The breathing system is automatically calibrated. The Patient Module can be dismantled easily for cleaning and all parts that come in contact with patient gas can be sterilized. Reliable and modern ventilation modes – upgradeable at any time with latest developments and to meet individual needs.

Maximizing the hygiene safety of patient, staff and machine by using antimicrobial copper surface technology for hygiene sensitive ‘Hot-Spots’ and components.

The antimicrobial effect of copper fights against bacteria and above all against MRSA. The warmed breathing system virtually eliminates condensation inside the patient module.

Its compact and lightweight design is easy to dismantle and to sterilize for maximum hygiene safety. Using HEYER’s advanced remote management system to provide customers with proactive remote monitoring and maintenance.

Integrated interfaces for a connection of all commercially available PDMS / HIS.

The electronic anesthesia record system interfaces directly with the anesthesia machine and records all monitored patient data.